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The essays that I wrote as part of the application process forced me to think about what I cared about. This clinched it in my mind. This is what I wanted to explore. The nine-day program itself was an excellent introduction to the social sector, curated to bring together the best speakers for the issues being discussed. So many wonderful people were doing such good work — it was inspiring and made me realise I needed to do my bit. It was also heartening that 16 others we had a cohort of 17 shared the same intent.

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A couple of months after I got back from the ILSS program, while still on my notice period, a project from Sattva Consulting landed on my table. Sattva was commissioned by the Gates Foundation and Nilekani Philanthropies to research everyday giving in India.

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Thus the last quarter of was spent thoroughly researching the sector and providing Sattva with the data they needed to put together their report. This gave me insight into funding for the sector and possibilities for the future. I attended their annual conference, which takes place at the Sabarmati Ashram every February. Inspired by the great work I saw all around me, I took on mentoring a few NGOs as a change leader and helping them in any way I could. Working with them and learning about their day-to-day struggles is truly humbling.

These people who have so little themselves, are working tirelessly to help others improve their lives. I have resolved to support them and bring them resources from the urban affluent. How else can we have a more equitable society? One concern at the back of my mind was an income. I can bring my marketing strengths to play and make a real difference too.

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Furthermore, the TFI office is located close to home—a huge plus in Mumbai city. So my journey has come full circle.

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  • Having travelled around the country trying to learn as much as I could, I found a niche right under my nose. And to keep myself grounded, I continue travelling to grassroots NGOs and taking up their causes back in Mumbai. This past year has been an interesting, emotional journey, guided by some happy chances and some deliberate choices. There was always hope around the corner. Perhaps the universe was conspiring to make this happen for me? I am very grateful to ILSS for giving me the courage to embark on this journey and for the support thereafter. I recommend this purgation to anyone of any or no faith.

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