The Little Ninja Who Wouldnt Comb His Hair

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Washable The Twist it Up styling comb prides itself on being very hygienic. It is very easy to clean. Making it accessible for touch ups when they are needed. You want to twist with pressure. Use pomades, butters, or oils if your hair is medium or high coarse. Recommend RedOne Gel wax Find your curl pattern, clockwise, counterclockwise or maybe both! If your hair is too wet, the comb will NOT be able to grab your hair.

Every hair texture is different and has its' own unique process. Thank you for your business. A sponge job is to absorb moisture. Using a sponge will ultimately dry out your hair causing split ends and hair breakage. We offer an alternative method to embrace your natural twist without drying out your hair or robbing your hair of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy.

Make the switch and experience the hype! Soft Hair Textures It is very important to understand your hair texture. You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.

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This is a great iron at a very affordable price! This travel-size pick is so high functioning that many reviewers turn to it for everyday styling as well. I had a hairdresser inform me that my hair type was naturally frizzy, and I live in the humid state of Alabama to top it off.

How To Brush Your Hair

There is nothing more frustrating than spending ALL that time flat ironing my hair straight JUST for it to turn into a frizzy tangled mess as soon as I leave the house. And now for some micro-picks of every type of hair straightener you might be looking for.

Decided to buy a larger iron and went with this one based on the reviews. WOW, so, normally it takes me 20 minutes to straighten my hair with the CHI, not anymore, I only spent 5 minutes for my long thick hair, and no frizz and lasted for days with minor touch up. That is all, make the right choice.

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Yay for not having breakage! I cannot recommend this straightener enough for anyone with with kinky curly hair who wants straight, shiny, soft and manageable hair. It truly earned its 5 star rating.

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My hair was straight with one swipe of the iron and it left it shiny, soft, and without frayed ends. It is professional quality, no doubt. Even bought an extra one to keep at my desk at work in case I ever need a quick fix. Reviewers pick this straightener when they want to be able to straighten damp, or even wet, hair, and according to nearly 1, five-star reviewers, it works.

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I wrap my my hair in a towel for maybe 20 minutes, add leave-in conditioner gotta take care of the permed and highlighted hair, you know comb it, section it and start flat ironing. In 15 minutes I have completely dry and straight hair. And when it poured rain the next day, my hair did not frizz or get wavy, it stayed straight! It works great just using an adapter, no converter needed since its dual voltage.

Twist It Up Comb

Have coarse, curly hair and works great. Gets plenty hot, has adjustable heat setting up to Only have it set at halfway mark.

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Reviewers with short hair love this mini straightener. I can even curl the really short hair around my ears and nape area. Even if I had longer hair again, I would only use this! Very well made, heats up quickly, and no snagging or pulling your hair out.