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Join four friends as they set off on an imagination adventure through the sights, sounds, and textures of earth, water, air, and light! Flying Hearts is an Inclusive… Read More. An urgently contemporary adaptation of the classic Greek story, inspired by the student umbrella protest in Hong Kong and the uprising in Tiananmen Square. In this… Read More. Walk through a pop-up city of stories. Comprised of a cluster of tents and 9 local storytellers, Trophy lights up Fernwood Square.

Inside each tent, encounter a person who tells… Read More. Sophie is getting married and wants to find her father so he can walk her down the… Read More. Welcome to the ocean. Grab a life vest. Deadline: May 10 The Administrative Assistant is responsible for general administrative duties, fielding requests from RPFF staff, and helping to maintain the office environment as a clean and fun place… Read More. Deadline: May 10, We are looking for Toronto area performers to share their stories.

Working primarily in sculpture and performance, Carrie Perreault balances resistance and restraint in onerous actions that recount long-term precarity. In making her work, she expends great effort to achieve minimal… Read More. Vox Populi is a choir with a twist.

On Mystery and Interpretation

Our next event is on Thurs. May 9th, … Read More. This Tony Award-winning musical is an inspiring and moving tale about the importance of following your heart. Set in working-class England, young Billy dreams of trading in his boxing gloves… Read More. What they survived might kill you.

After a catastrophic impact a man and a woman are trapped in a strange world called The In-Between. Here in the darkness… Read More. A theatrical screening of all six commissioned films, with a discussion following the program Project organizers Ananya Ohri and Elizabeth Mudenyo, and filmmakers Aeyliya Husain and Maya Bastian. Learn more… Read More. One in three British women will have an abortion in their lifetime, yet the social taboo around it persists. When faced with an unwanted pregnancy, teenagers in particular fear their… Read More.

What is more difficult, to stay in danger with your loved ones or to live alone in safety? Adrenaline follows one man for one night, getting ready to celebrate his… Read More. About the Exhibition Acceptance of change and change through acceptance—Fault Lines explores processes emblematic of observant insight and growth gained from… Read More. When the boys from St. Will they… Read More. Scott Momaday is celebrated as one of Native… Read More. Is a guide dog just a dog that works, or are they more than that?

Storyteller Kim Kilpatrick tells stories of the four guide dogs she has handled, accompanied by… Read More. In , a refugee arrived in Canada with his wife and five children, having fled his home in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Decades later, upon discovering the dwindling hamlet of Kandahar, Saskatchewan,… Read More. Bread and Roses! The process of creating a… Read More. Deadline: April 30 at PM Every year, we welcome films of all lengths and genres that reflect the multitude of experiences that make up our cities and communities.

The… Read More. Generating over a billion dollars a year, the pickup industry is shocking, secretive and—to put it politely—scummy. Built upon myths and manipulation, expensive workshops and training videos push an agenda… Read More. Freddy, a young British trans man, dreams of becoming a father. Knowing full well the complications and hardships of attempting pregnancy, Freddy moves forward on his road to having a… Read More. The cheerleaders of the National Football League put themselves through strict regimens, measuring waistlines and muscle definition, rehearsing their acts to perfection and often paying out of pocket for all… Read More.

Deadline: April 30 At Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, we have established a rich tradition of launching successful careers and providing a highly accessible venue for artists and the public to… Read More. If you think Amazon and Apple are controlling your life, you may sadly be right. Both her parents are deaf, and the gene was also passed down to her first-born son. Her life… Read More. Refusing to be silenced and raging with love, the featured trailblazers demanded a city where… Read More.

Norval Morrisseau Copper Thunderbird is arguably the most influential Indigenous artist in Canada, commonly referred to as the founder of the Woodlands style. Since being diagnosed with a severe form of multiple sclerosis more than a decade ago, Jason DaSilva has tenaciously guarded his independence, despite using a wheelchair and requiring around-the-clock support.

In , he broke the colour barrier, becoming the first Black player in the National Hockey League. Reenie wants to dance, like her mother did before her. Along with her classmates, she believes she has what it takes to earn the coveted solo at the year-end recital. New York. The middle of the night. Vera, an irascible, politically active year old is awakened by her grandson Leo, who has cycled from Seattle on a trip with his… Read More. This documentary feature film connects the lingering impact of more than a century of lynching African Americans to contemporary racial violence in the US with the case of Lennon Lacy,… Read More.

Women are the fastest-growing segment of the prison population in Canada. A filmmaking team attempts to understand this statistic by documenting the experiences of a few incarcerated women and embarking… Read More. Preteens Stephan, Jason, Bracken and Nemis are like many kids their age: they like candy, catchy pop tunes and sleepovers. But unlike others, they have an unusual interest in dressing… Read More. In a house of worship, devotion takes many forms.

Beauty products are a multi-billion-dollar industry. Despite public attention, companies continue to get away with harmful practices that leave the average consumer wondering which brand can be trusted. Gail, a retired empty-nester, has been quietly raising bees in solitude. Unexpectedly, her grown daughter Sarah returns home; it seems twenty years of artificially inseminating turkeys have taken… Read More.

From the song he refuses to perform to his admiration for Drake, a songwriting legend reflects on his lyrics and longevity with candour and humour. At 80 years young and… Read More. Over 10 years after losing her job as an account executive for a Lehman Brothers subsidiary, Sylvia Vega-Sutfin still lives in fear of her former employer—so much fear that she… Read More. Ballet, bhangra, and breakdancing…this high-energy, interactive program features music that will be sure to make you move to the beat! You and your family will be dancing in your seats… Read More.

A forum on intersectionality in the arts The Inkling Symposium is a day of workshops, panel discussions, performances, installations, and art actions on disability, equity, and collaborative artmaking. Presentations are… Read More. There was progress and a feeling of gay liberation in the air—and then,… Read More.

Widespread sexual abuse within the Catholic Church has traumatized thousands. Many have only recently come forward to speak publicly, while others have been silenced through settlements. One of the perpetrators,… Read More. Raine Hamilton Resonant, acoustic chamber folk with an other-worldly edge, and a lyric presence that cuts deep. Raine is… Read More. Creative dog grooming involves dyeing and sculpting dog fur into kaleidoscopic hues and gravity-defying shapes.

Transforming an average… Read More. But will these big city boys face… Read More. The Tempest will feature Deaf… Read More. Phyllis, a Millennial, inherits a house and all of its contents after her estranged hoarder aunt commits suicide. A young goatherd finds out that he is heir to the throne and is dazzled by the riches and finery of his new life, only to discover that… Read More.

On April 18th come to visit Vanessa at her studio. This workshop explores engaging in difficult conversations in empathetic, meaningful and impactful ways. The session uses anti-oppression frameworks to explore strategies to resolve conflict and build allyship. The session uses… Read More. With the bank calling and money low, will the Basrans be able… Read More. Eleven years ago, wealthy businesswoman Mrs. Herold tossed her only son Paul onto the streets to fend for himself.

Now, realizing the error of her ways, she has come looking… Read More. In Dis Merci, four neighbours are getting ready to throw a party for a refugee family arriving in Canada. Despite their best intentions to welcome the newcomers into their lives… Read More. Bud and Deb are aspiring playwrights about to give the performance of their lives. The media portrays him as a maniac who went on a stabbing spree. All great plays are about family. Set in Pittsburgh in the s, a former baseball star now supports his family by working as a trash collector. The literal fence in… Read More.

All performances are relaxed. Through an innovative blend of projection design, object puppetry, and solo-performance, Kevin Matthew Wong performs this documentary theatre work on environmental racism and reconciliation amidst the… Read More. Submissions will close April 1.

All accepted pieces will be notified by the end of April. Lights Dance is now open for Dance Performance Submissions! Present your dance pieces as… Read More. Deadline to apply: March 31, , PM The Akin Studio Program is a unique and publicly open opportunity for art practitioners, curators and writers hereafter referred to as artists … Read More. More dancing, more awesome — 10th anniversary edition! Part cabaret, part performance installation, part immersive environment, completely fun!

Combining the energy of a rock concert in an evening of dance,… Read More. Fighting the power never tasted so sweet! Yev is a hermit living in a remote region of the Siberian Taiga, the sole survivor of a family who fled civilization for fear of religious persecution. Matthew,… Read More. Meet Ben. Ben is a year-old investment banker. Ben likes beer, sports and Emily…and Chris. Straight is a provocative new play that deals with fidelity, sexuality and identity… Read More. It is and Hester Prynne has been branded an adulterer by her Puritan village and forced to wear the titular scarlet letter as repentance.

However, in this modern adaptation,… Read More. Crying Hands tells the tale of Hans, who was born deaf and grew up in Berlin before the war broke out in An evening of traditional poems, representing poetry in many languages from around the world. Featuring poetry, music, and… Read More. As technology progressively transforms every facet of society, there is a pressing need for the arts and culture sector to jointly take ownership of its own digital futures.

The … Read More. Doors slamming, on and offstage intrigue, and… Read More. Twelve year old Jonas lives in a perfect world, free of poverty, crime, war, and strife. The Good Bride is a one-woman comedy about a Quiverfull Christian girl. Books and refreshments… Read More. Torn… Read More. This inventive, interactive show inspires kids to dance to the beat of their own drum — based on the alphabet!

Chicho, an ashamed-queer-Catholic-man-boy from Venezuela, hilariously attempts to feel beautiful despite his warring identity politics. A creative oasis animated by the Imagining Possibilities Leadership Team. You will witness a ritual inviting you to bring your imagination to the edge, and jump into the world that… Read More.

Generally Hospital is a comedic show about a serious place: the hospital.

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Songs about death, hospital rules during The Purge, and finding love in a… Read More. Poly Queer Love Ballad is an intimate, edgy new musical merging slam poetry with catchy pop-folk tunes. Nina, a polyamorous bisexual poet, meets Gabbie, a monogamous lesbian songwriter, at Cafe… Read More. The story of the Donnellys— the shocking massacre of Johannah Donnelly and her dangerously devoted sons in nearby Lucan in — can still freeze the blood.

With a pulsing… Read More. Outliers on Tour is bringing the outsiders in. Application Deadline: March 4 Weesageechak Begins to Dance festival is a celebration of new works and works-in-development which fosters the development of Indigenous work and artists from across Canada and… Read More. In this powerful musical, the children of an Oji-Cree family are sent to a residential school in Northern Ontario. This is a story of redemption: for a mother who was… Read More. One of the most influential recording artists of the late 20th century, Joni Mitchell has often reflected on social and environmental ideals through her music.

Deadline: March 1 at PM Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre facilitates the presentation, interpretation, and production of contemporary visual, time-based and interdisciplinary arts. Our exhibitions engage with an array of… Read More. All chosen playwrights receive… Read More.

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Extended Deadline: February 28 Lights Dance aspires to celebrate dance in its diversity and endless possibilities, through live performance, but also the cinematic medium. The festival began as a way… Read More. Being Scene covers a wide… Read More. Staring down his own mortality, the prince uses theatre and trickery… Read More. When a grocery store theft goes awry, her elaborate life of petty crime is halted… Read More.

The D.M. Mitchell Supernatural Double bill

Featuring an integrated cast dominated by performers with disabilities, this Threepenny Opera will make you… Read More. But the… Read More. One man, three women, two balconies. Set on adjoining balconies in a big city apartment building, Here on the Flight Path follows John Cummings as he interacts with… Read More. As a young filmmaker, Franco goes to Vietnam looking for inspiration for his first feature film and finds an unexpected subject — his mom. Known best for his stand-up comedy,… Read More. Deadline: February 22 Inside Out is a not-for-profit registered charity that exists to challenge attitudes and change lives through the promotion, production and exhibition of film by and about LGBTQ… Read More.

Experience art through the sense of touch.


Visitors work with specially trained Docents to explore selected works. These tours are designed with people with vision loss in mind, but everyone… Read More. The smoke is thick and the town is… Read More. With forbidden young love and mistaken identities afoot, more than one… Read More. There will be a discussion… Read More. A politically charged theatre-dance hybrid that journeys through our wondrous and contested environment.

Heading through the Rockies for… Read More. Opening event: February Featuring live feeds from the rest… Read More. Many factors impact this aesthetic when… Read More. We want to show you… Read More. From the creators of the smash hit Deaf Crows comes a brand new show, Apple Time! Staged reading. Will you be my friend? A work in progress play will explore the areas of dating relationships, deaf and hearing people.

Performed in ASL with English interpretation. Created and performed by Thurga Kanagasekarampillai,… Read More. A new parent attempts to recreate the emptiness of the year she spent alone at home with her baby. Director: Rose Plotek. Composer and musician:… Read More. Imagine a world in the future where Queerness has become the dominant religion in the world; where Gay Icons have become stained glass windows and the altars are covered in… Read More. The piece is bilingual and is performed and sung in English… Read More. Deaf Spirit Theatre returns with a brand new show! This collective from Kingston, Ontario will perform a series of unique skits a featuring a comedic duo of two women in… Read More. Upon arriving, he launches into his speech but things are soon found to not be… Read More. Throughout the conversation, Shira and Michaela will work together to recreate that lost thing for you.

The objects… Read More. Welcoming artists from Montreal, Toronto, and beyond! Deadline to submit is February 13, In this, his one-man tour-de-force, Horak delves into the mysterious death… Read More. Creatures, a performance by duo RoyaLazyness, is a demonstration of the power of dance to move bodies beyond comfort zones, regardless of disabilities and differences. Inspired by breakdance,… Read More. Deep in the woods lived Little Witch, her beloved cat and her mother, Old Witch. One day, the ailing Old Witch finds an ogre caught in a trap. As a… Read More. Lily feels trapped. When a conflict between her best friend Brit and the guy she likes Karim breaks out after other students share racist, anti-Muslim memes, a misunderstanding… Read More.

We know money is a thing, and yard sales… Read More. Apple Time is a bridge to all realms. It is a magical space where Deaf, Hard of Hearing, newcomers, oral communication and signing come together to create entire new worlds. Struggling with the death of his royal… Read More. Three friends hit university — no parents, new friends, new rules, and a new normal. Hook Up raises questions of consent, shame, and power in the lives of young adults… Read More.

Frustrated, she rips the pages out of a library… Read More. Dragging ASL to Pride is back! This show will… Read More. A concert, a conversation and a multimedia performance all in one, Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools is the meeting point for two people—Inuk artist Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory and queer theatre-maker Evalyn… Read More. Keynote: Dawn Jani Birley Knowledge is power, but sign language is my superpower… For a long while, society has been promoting the idea of embracing diversity, being inclusive and respecting… Read More.

Canadian literary icon Margaret Atwood… Read More. Lake of the Strangers is a powerful new play by Hunter Cardinal. Inspired by ancient Nehiyaw mythology, this story follows two brothers in their last summer adventure. Through… Read More. In his critically acclaimed one-person performance, Horak paints a portrait of the entire audience while simultaneously telling the story of how he came to be a visually impaired visual artist,… Read More. In the idyllic mountain town of Somewhere, everyone knows exactly who they are and what their place is. Except for Rose. Rose is different, and she knows it.

The Transatlantic Slave Triangle connected Africa with Europe and the Americas; it was the transport route for innocent masses stolen in the name of racism and greed. Some of us… Read More. Celestial beings from queer dimensions transform Harbourfront Centre into a kaleidoscopic off-world temple as Brownton Abbey, the UK based Afro-Futurist performance party with a Space Church theme, hits Toronto. Created… Read More. As an ongoing Festival thematic concern, we ask: How is accessibility changing the way we create, curate and experience art?

What do we have to gain when we re-frame our… Read More. Six extraordinary disabled performers from Canada and the UK bring their distinct creativity to this one-night celebration. Five short acts, each responding and redefining the experience of disability through performance,… Read More.

Liu Kuan-Hsiang goes for broke in this ecstatic tribute to his late mother; the dancer and choreographer clearly has a lot to get off his chest, and his catharsis is… Read More. Cripping the Arts is three days of programming — panel discussions, co-creative workshops, exhibitions and performances — animating how Deaf, Mad, and Disability arts and activism changes how we… Read More. On December 7, , an attack on Pearl Harbour triggered events in Canada that may easily be described as among the darkest in our history — the internment and dispossession… Read More.

In the last three months, Tracey visited a… Read More. Ga Ting weaves a powerful and emotionally-charged story about an immigrant Chinese couple trying to come to terms with the death of their son, Kevin. When you survive the unsurvivable, who do you become? Critics are raving, but… Read More.

What is life like working with a guide dog?


How was that dog raised? This is the Point is a joyous and unflinching portrait of four individuals whose lives have been shaped, in part, by cerebral palsy. Dan and Christina are parents searching for… Read More. Join Lauren, Amanda and musical accompanist Alli in a late night talk show about sex. Audition Details What: Invite-only audition for one 1 dancer with or without disabilities. Based on stories by Robert Munsch, and adapted by Debbie Patterson. Relaxed performance on January 2. The apple crop has failed for the past five… Read More. The celebratory hit that won over Hot Docs audiences returns to warm our hearts just in time for the holidays.

Follow the remarkable two-year journey of a rambunctious group of… Read More. Workman Arts is accepting applications for performance work as a part of the Rendezvous with Madness Festival from October 10 — 20, The deadline for applications is Wednesday, December… Read More. Exiled Syrian filmmaker Talal Derki returns to his homeland where he gains the trust of a radical Islamist family, sharing their daily life for over two years. With rare access… Read More. From… Read More. Poor little Ralphie.

Like other nine-year-old children all over the country, all he wants for Christmas is… Read More. This new, one-act musical tells the story of a family trapped in a cabin by a snowstorm on Christmas Eve. Lost Boys. A ticking crocodile. The fantastical audience favourite is back! Hamilton Artists Inc. The Inc. The funding we… Read More. Love is in the air this holiday season—a lot of love, and a lot of laughter.

Experience all the magic, music, and sheer joy of this acclaimed adaptation, with a new twist! After leaving a bar in a small town in Nova Scotia, musician Scott Jones was stabbed in the back for being openly gay. The violent attack left him paralyzed from… Read More. Discover the magic behind the castle walls in… Read More.

A mile from the war zone in Donbass… Read More. Child trafficking is rampant along Lake Volta, Ghana. Children often… Read More. Mikala Krogh follows 20 children during their one year stay at… Read More. With a deep rooted history of economic instability, racism and segregation, Baltimore has been plagued by high homicide rates, police brutality and gang violence. The discriminatory laws and escalating street… Read More. You can nominate yourself or someone else for… Read More.

Based on outdated and discriminatory medical policies dating back to World War II, transgender people were banned from serving in the US military until July While an estimated 15,… Read More. More information on the… Read More. Celebrating 32 years of spirited tradition! Join the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future as they take Ebenezer Scrooge on a journey through time from darkness to light. One of the most enduring shows of all time, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a reimagining of the Biblical story of Joseph, his father Jacob, eleven… Read More.

A holiday confection filled with classic Jane Austen charm, Miss Bennet is a modern sequel about the bookish middle child of the Bennets. While Mary starts to dream of a… Read More. A free event screening a series of curated, local and international short films, made by or featuring people living with disabilities. This event is held in partnership with Halifax Public… Read More. Would you like to sell your zines and artwork before the holidays? Hear from local experts in the disability arts community on what disability will look like in modern media in the future in this free evening event.

Poor Dorothy! Come join a number of media experts talk about the history of how mental health issues are reflected in modern media and how some Haligonians are working to change perceptions… Read More. This screening is rated PG for minor language. According to what criteria and in whose eyes do we achieve success? Imprisoned in Canada for committing a violent crime, a young man from Ghana tells his cellmates a story on the eve of his release.

Although there is risk in sharing… Read More. When discussing accessibility in media, Described Video DV is often overlooked. Although DV has existed for decades, it has yet to be embraced in the same manner as closed captioning. Awkward relationships. Singing to Myself, a Atlantic Film Festival selection, tells the story of a young deaf woman living in Prince Edward Island and the precocious musician… Read More.

Join the community activist, Paul Vienneau, for a great panel discussion focused on accessibility in film and the arts. This event is offered free for all communities. The panel is… Read More. Speculation is a multi-disciplinary concert that weaves together monologue and projections with live performances of Beethoven… Read More. George Bailey is on the edge of ruin; thousands of dollars are lost and with seemingly no way to save the old… Read More. Throughout the year reachAbility develops new filmmakers and assists them in making… Read More. Performers of all ages, bodies and histories.

Hosted by AcrossOceans Arts. The Inkling Incubator is a Red Dress Productions RDP interdisciplinary research project that will convene a diverse working group of Deaf, disabled, hearing, and enabled artists for two five-day intensive,… Read More. The year is and The Kid, a ten-year-old Star Wars fan is trying to make sense of a new town and school. He soon discovers that Star… Read More. What it is: A program to encourage participation in the Toronto Fringe Festival by artists who self-identify as an artist with a disability.

Winners and Losers is one part game, one part conversation that leans into our universally flawed human logic, and the desire to win at all costs. Valerie Planche and Makambe… Read More. Artworks in all visual arts media… Read More. For a group of lifelong friends, a night at the local bar is the balm against a hard day on the factory lines. When tensions rise at work and picket… Read More. Workshop: A Journey in Rainbow Moccasins with Teddy Syrette This workshop is facilitated by a 2-Spirit storyteller who engages participants to have small and large group discussions about the intersectional… Read More.

The apocalypse begins with tea. Individually, the geometries that emerge from these Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver. September 14, Vincent Fecteau. Nature has a habit of reproducing its best engineering——why reinvent the circuitry of veins if you have their blueprints in the roots and branches of trees, in the shapes of rivers flowing from tributaries?

Fractal patterns are iterated everywhere: in succulents, cauliflowers, snail shells. Matthew Marks Gallery, Los Angeles. In an episode of the experimental storytelling podcast Imaginary Advice, host Ross Sutherland reflects on the way cultures over the centuries have exaggerated the meaning of the moon, distorting it from astronomical body into an open, figurative channel. Ingleby and the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh. September 7, July 14—September 30, Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art. June 2—October 28, September 4, The coyote nods to himself, self-assuredly, keeping his eyes steady while his body shifts balance—the motion sensors make his gaze relentless.

He brushes his limbs back until he is resting on his hind legs, bracing for a gallop. He retreats, his tail is taut, his front paws are winding up—literally—to August 31, Jaou Tunis June 27—July 1, Pioneering ecologist, science communicator, and marine biologist Rachel Carson found the rhythms of the ocean to be largely indifferent to the rhythms of humans. A camera drifts, disembodied, through the Super-Kamiokande neutrino observatory in Japan. Ballroom Marfa, Marfa. Following a screening of his videos at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the Iraqi-Kurdish artist explained his frustration with the uselessness of the whole contemporary art enterprise in the face of profound global violence.

New Museum, New York. Kunsthalle Mulhouse, Mulhouse. Part of its attraction derives from art: in the s, Barbara Hepworth, Ben Nicholson, Patrick Heron, Naum Gabo, and other leading modernists established a colony in St May 5—September 30, Louise Bourgeois's "The Empty House". Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin. When I was a child, I received a disco ball as a birthday gift. Hung haphazardly above my bed and lit by a repurposed old desk lamp, it reflected a scintillating constellation across the ceiling.

In a flick of a switch, the quotidian transformed: I had entered a secret world. Tate Modern, London. Made in L. Add to that the divisions within Hammer Museum, Los Angeles. Public Art Munich "Game Changers". In lieu of outdoor sculptures there are events, and in place of a map a schedule.

Conceptualizing the April 30—July 27, Aristotle later weighed Castello di Rivoli, Turin. Guy Mees — was a leading figure of the Belgian avant-garde whose enigmatic work combined formal diversity with conceptual rigor. ProjecteSD, Barcelona. April 26—June 23, Michael Snow's "Closed Circuit". Visitors expecting the long mechanical arm of De La —72 or the recto-verso double projection of Two Sides to Every Story will be disappointed.

For all the bombast associated with the Guggenheim Bilbao, this Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. A boy in a bruise-pink jacket jogs through a dusky idyll, limp-kneed and panting for breath. The grass that flanks the path is dappled with blooming flowers: purple, yellow, orange, and white. In the foreground is an upright piano, incongruously plonked between two trees.

The boy staggers past it and Bellas Artes Projects, Manila. Painted on the back wall of the gallery, this color dissection of an Ellsworth Kelly painting is individuated by English translations of the Austrian names of wall paint hues Hitradio Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna. Olivo Barbieri's "American Monument and Monument". Galleria Mazzoli, Modena.

Yto Barrada's "Agadir". As many were injured; at least 35, were left homeless. The Barbican Centre, London. Dear Chris, How sweet it was talking with you at the opening of your show. You allowed me to introduce myself, so I could share some words I have longed to tell you since I arrived in this city.

I was introduced to Los Angeles through your writings: a primal, unfettered Chateau Shatto, Los Angeles. Los Angeles is an unruly city. Under shaggy palm trees and the bruised purple blooms of jacarandas, roads snarl in mile upon mile of naked asphalt and concrete lined with buildings from every conceivable shape and era. Mostly there are low-slung, postwar ranch houses and bungalows with yards swollen with Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Los Angeles.

He would probably be amused to hear that I turned to the Oxford English Dictionary while Frieze New York. Gallery Weekend Berlin. There are occasions in which the multifaceted shape of time becomes obvious. April 27—29, Mike Cooter attempts to answer such questions in this exhibition. April 27, Long March Space, Beijing. Institute of Contemporary Art, London. April 20, Procrustean —what does the word even mean? In Greek mythology, Procrustes was the son of Poseidon, and a thief who tortured his victims by making them lie on an iron bed.

Gianni Manhattan, Vienna. Jessica Silverman Gallery, San Francisco. April 13, The poor fool struggles on a plate and then pukes a little water before going still. Death is withheld by a flicker and April 12, Laure Prouvost. NYC — Situated at the entrance to the gallery, it looks like an unkempt and outdated version of an Lisson Gallery, New York. The year is Galerie Nordenhake, Stockholm. Art Basel Hong Kong. Those of us who willingly attend and return to Art Basel Hong Kong must still see hope in the global convolution of capital.

When this hope is solely financial—which seems to be the case for many galleries—it belies a detached cynicism that ridicules Art Basel, Hong Kong. Catherine—a friend on a break from the picket line where she, Richard Saltoun Gallery, London. Los Angeles Gallery Share.

Bill & The Hill: A Nursery Rhyme Story por C.R. Metcalfe

The latest manifestation of the increasingly popular gallery share model, hosted by three Los Angeles galleries, does not have a name. Its program, March 28, Museums are known today as natural habitats for art. But in Renaissance Europe, before their collections specialized in works of art, museums hosted cabinets of curiosities, with their awkward mixtures of rare and bizarre objects. In the eighteenth century, demand arose across Europe to open museum collections—typically owned by royalty, The lifespan of a bee, with its strict trajectory and tireless labor, is a common metaphor to describe hard work.

Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius. March 22, Her works enmesh periods of cultural rebellion over the centuries, from medieval history, folk plays, and pagan festivals, to the genesis of Dada, and from the DIY culture of drag Sadie Coles HQ, London. March 21, A piercing whistle punctuates the blaring of a trumpet. For three days a week throughout the course of the exhibition, the instrument is played—and, one could say, worn—by a pianist who To shit on a book—surely only an animal could do such a thing?

Cerith Wyn Evans. The art-fair think piece is as stale as the art fair itself. What could be said already has been, from puzzling over the mysterious machinations of the market, to annual denunciations from gallerists, and ethnographies of those who buy and those who sell. The form of writing that is truest Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York. The Old Beechworth Gaol, northeast of Melbourne, was founded in , just as the importation of convicts from Britain ceased, but kept its doors open—or rather, shut—until its closure in Old Beechworth H. M Prison, Victoria. After the completion of The Dinner Party —89 , for a five-year period from to , Judy Chicago interrupted her study of female subjecthood to focus instead on its political other, masculinity.

February 28, Documenting silly or banal everyday activities, including ping-pong games, taking photographs of groups standing in a question mark Galerie Martin Janda, Vienna. ARCOmadrid Singapore Art Week. Developed by the Singapore government in in an attempt to create hype around the fair Art Stage Singapore, Singapore Art Week SAW is a loose collection of events organized by museums, art spaces, and cultural producers. Various locations, Singapore. February 23, The curators, Gary Carrion-Murayari and Alex Gartenfeld, frame the exhibition with an astute awareness of the challenges it faces as an institution that would seem to reify the February 22, Juan Downey — has been recognized as an early pioneer of video art, but like many of his contemporaries, his interest was much broader than a single medium.

Initially trained as an architect in Chile, where he was born, he traveled throughout Europe, meeting artists working with kinetics and interaction, Several sets of 12 small perforated metal sheets, like those that hang on workshop walls, are arranged in tidy grids. Each set holds a number of tools or objects, short pieces of chain on one, plastic cutting templates on another, Museum Tinguely, Basel.

To my left the casual love of mismatched hearts is expiring. She tells him to calm down. It is breathtakingly awkward. They resign themselves to stillness until a grinding electronic drone heralds their graceless end. She makes a break for January 31—February 4, February 9, International Film Festival Rotterdam.

The scale and ambition of International Film Festival Rotterdam IFFR , which packs short and feature films into 12 days of independent cinema, as well as talks, performances, and gallery installations in venues across the city, makes it almost uniquely difficult to approach, even for the experienced visitor. The sprawling January 24—February 4, For true mystics, there is no division between the real and the spiritual.

The symbolic folds into our lives, shaping the world and us in it. The cool kiss of rain can be a curse or a blessing from the gods. Stumbling in the street en route to meet your Blum and Poe, Los Angeles. The deeply saturated color is used on television sets and in the production of special effects for movies and videogames because it contrasts so profoundly with most human skin colors. In the basement of a former Berlin crematorium, a small brass instrument sputters and hisses.

It is also the closest this group exhibition about rhythm gets to danceability. No surprise there. A modernist critical framework would have you believe that the difference between a machine and sculpture is the same as between politics and aesthetics: a machine uses power to fulfill a function, while a sculpture is all about form and taste. Knowing that this is bullshit—that there is no apolitical Marlborough, New York.

A cactus in a terracotta pot stands beside a laptop playing music through a speaker. The balcony doors are wide open. A cool breeze prompts me to the terrace. I see a brick building, leafy trees, and people crossing the street. I can hear foliage rustling. I look around the January 23, January 19, These perennial investigations January 17, The fashion for Chinese decoration, architecture, and craft in Europe was the first great wave of exoticism in Western culture.

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It lasted for more than a century, from roughly —when Louis XIV commissioned the Trianon de Porcelaine , a Chinese-inspired architectural folly, for Versailles—to the end of the eighteenth century. Franco Noero, Turin. January 11, January 9, First, it posits that the music of Detroit, ca. January 5, Aired in November , the American TV movie terrified over million viewers with its graphic images of a nuclear conflict between the US and the Soviet Union, leading Galleria Fonti and Museo Madre, Naples.

Sun Ra stands in front of Galerie Buchholz, New York. William Forsythe's "Choreographic Objects". There were no hesitations, no missteps; no point at which one limb converged onto another, when one cut of cloth got caught up in another. Gagosian Le Bourget, Paris. Flowers fade at different rates. In the November chill of a Glasgow art gallery, cut flowers—carefully arranged in a vase on the floor, their silhouette cast against the wall by the light from a projector—are taking their time to die, or to appear dead. When exactly do cut flowers die? Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow. Nils Staerk is the latest commercial gallery to spring up amidst the coffee shops and organic wine bars in Nordvest, a district of Copenhagen that the local media are more likely to associate with violent crime and unemployment.

A further reminder of the uncomfortable coexistence of two worlds stands directly Nils Staerk, Copenhagen. December 13, In his three-volume book Principles of Geology , Charles Lyell pioneered a theory whose clunky title belies its elegance. Seventeen Gallery, London. Art Basel Miami Beach. Remember to React. Jenny Holzer is trying to tell us something. Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami. December 8, Gallery Weekend Mexico City was originally scheduled to open September 21, by which time everyone who could was out in the streets clearing rubble and handing out food and water.

November 9—12, For some people, economy is mostly about money. But that is stupid: economy is actually about something else. Money is just the medium conventionally assigned to all tasks understood as economic. In the end, money is just a medium. For all those who firmly believe that the medium is the Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin.

Not having a story to tell from the beginning or possibly starting from the middle is how Taoism describes time: continuity without a starting point. Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris. December 1, Dublin Gallery Weekend. Dublin is a dirty and disjointed city, a tangle of loosely connected neighborhoods best navigated on foot. On arrival my smartphone gave up the ghost, transforming the schedule of Dublin Gallery Weekend—a semi-coordinated program of exhibition openings, performances, and events—into a Situationist strategy.

Deprived of online mapping services, I was November 23—26, November 30, November 27, He dispensed the recipe for urban achievement: find and Various locations, Los Angeles. November 22, As evening fell, the Blade Runner -esque streets around Nanzuka Gallery began to seethe with a human froth of staggering zombies, gibbering corpses, and wounded cosplay nurses.

Despite their macabre costumes, the crowds Nanzuka Gallery, Tokyo. Jiwa is a pre-Islamic, polytheistic, and specifically Indonesian concept that signifies a way of living in which thinking and feeling go hand-in-hand, and of living in harmony with nature and with one another. November 5—December 19, November 13, Paula Cooper Gallery, New York. November 10, An exhibition vitrine in a contemporary exhibition is a knowing nod to long traditions of display. Museums, according to Bennett, are places where Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna.

If your first associations with Colombia are cocaine, paramilitary violence, and the rapacious plunder of natural resources by neo-colonialist corporations, then you are only half right, according to this spirited, unkempt, and organizationally flawed exhibition of Colombian artists at The Box, Los Angeles. The Box, Los Angeles. November 3, The medieval wardrobe of a sadomasochist, the secret torture chamber gear of a conflicted superhero, grim relics of gods from the deepest abysses of a broken dimension, or, as they truly are, artworks, sparsely hung, dangling from ropes, splayed like bodies, and rippled into curtains of parachute silk, with one Hannah Hoffman Gallery, Los Angeles.

November 1, Cosey Fanni Tutti. Hollybush Gardens, London. October 26, Katinka Bock compares works to words and exhibitions to texts. Meyer Riegger, Berlin. October 25, The practice of Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based artist Cassils expands upon—and queers—a feminist performance-art tradition, molding their transgender masculine physique through rigorous fitness regimens and durational actions. Cassils grapples with their political desire to represent transgender lives Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York.

October 17, One contender for the role of feminist October 13, David Zwirner Books, New York. October 11, Frieze Art Fair. Leave or Remain, Trump or Clinton, terror, peace, boredom, or indifference: no matter where the world is at culturally, politically, socially, or existentially, there will always be another Frieze fair in early October. October 4—8, October 6, October 4, September 20, —January 7, You put on headphones and wander across a football field at the end of the world.

September 29, Just like solving a crime, it becomes necessary to establish a motive. Gallery , Accra. Salon du Salon, Marseille. September 22, State neglect, hobbled budgets, and poor leadership at the South African National Gallery in Cape Town, as well as important municipal Goodman Gallery, Cape Town.

September 21, Can the German art market support four art fairs? The battle over market share is in full swing. Art Karlsruhe is a bit out of the game. Although it seems like a major event with more than exhibitors, it can only cater to the country's southwestern local audience due September 14—17, September 18, They were about to open a Galeria Mayoral, Barcelona. September 15, September 8, The city of Yokohama blends almost seamlessly into Tokyo, forming one of the largest and most disaster-prone urban agglomerations in the world.

But there are subtle differences between Yokohama and its northern neighbor—the smell of the Pacific, the quiet, moat-like boulevards—and major ones: this is where Western modernity breached the The Captain Lied. Fondazione Prada, Venice. Originally the ancestral home of the Stirling-Maxwell baronetcy, the house was built in and is run now by the National Trust as a public museum. Much of Pollok House, Glasgow.

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Another: hearing about their dreams is even worse. The invitation to the third solo show by Mandla Reuter at Francesca Minini bears no title or explanation. It relies on just one image, evocative enough on its own: a moonless sea, rippled by waves. Even the press release, stripped of all syntax, is reduced to a chain of words Francesca Minini, Milan. Where to begin? Where else but at this stage? The cotton There is no animal in this country that does that type of thing. It was the size of a giant tiger. It was about a meter long and had black, silky fur. The belief in the existence of elusive, strange, fabulous, and extraterrestrial animals is ubiquitous and timeless.

Predatory giant turtles, Galerie Pompom, Sydney. Russian Pavilion: "Theatrum Orbis". In the late nineteenth century, a medium was someone with the alleged ability to act as a psychic conduit April 21—July 3, The crumbling architecture, with its exposed dry walls and frayed edges, introduces an exhibition in which seemingly solid physical and psychical structures are undone. The new extension of Centro Pecci designed by NIO Architecten Rotterdam, and inaugurated last fall is a ring-shaped volume clad in golden aluminum, halfway between a UFO from a s B-movie and the corporate headquarters of a German car brand, surrounded by an urban sprawl of office blocks, residential buildings, Centro Pecci, Prato.

John Gerrard's "X. Where is the bright line between life and the simulation of life? And what then are the criteria for assessing aliveness? Simon Preston, New York. When lost for words, hands are tools to point, wave, and otherwise indicate meaning. While much of this form of communication is intuitive, firsthand knowledge is highly performative: as hands trace airborne paths, their gestures form recognizable patterns that may relay receptiveness or fear, in a cognizant yet affective process Maisterravalbuena, Lisbon.

The air was hot and filled with din. Art Basel opened on Tuesday as a more laid-back affair than the previous two editions, but the overall mood was nonetheless upbeat. And how could it not be, given the breathtakingly vulgar fun-fair installation Now I Won by Swiss artist June 10—October 1, Our wetwear bodies found a hardware durability after we and our machines, long flirting, finally coupled.

Moodily lit with mint and hot pink, humanoid bods sport flight jackets Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles. Created in by artist and curator Arnold Bode, Documenta sought to advance the cultural reconstruction of Germany within the postwar European order. Reoccurring every five years, it has since unfolded into a periodic forum for contemporary art. When Adam Szymczyk was appointed artistic director of Documenta 14 in November April 8—July 16, At a moment when all kinds of anxieties can be tweaked by a tweeting president, Mel Bochner—a highly respected first-generation Conceptualist—has found his voice.

Other founding Conceptualists of the late s— Robert Peter Freeman Inc. Six years in, Syria's Civil War has been the subject of a vast quantity of information—in the form of user-generated video, reportage, news analysis, social media updates—and yet we seem no nearer to an adequate means of representing it. Representation and resolution are often intertwined: the clarity of a representation, It is an odd premise for an exhibition, Relatively unknown in Europe, his name has until recently been associated with mail art, that most underrated of avant-garde movements.

The exhibition Maria Taniguchi. Mitchell pens two taut psychological thrillers with a supernatural edge that twist and turn to their deliciously devious and unexpected conclusions. Consumed by grief, they both struggle to come to terms with their tremendous loss. Their fragile relationship under mounting pressure, Susan begins to have dreams about her daughter. She is convinced these are not ordinary dreams; Becky is calling out to her for help. But this revelation only serves to drive a further wedge between the grieving couple. In desperation, Susan trawls a number of so-called psychics, but is bitterly disappointed by charlatans and fraudsters.

Until she meets the mysterious Silas Blake. He tells her things no one else knows about Becky. Paul, naturally sceptical, agrees to go to the island for the sake of their marriage.