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Queer Un Friendly Film and Television. Jefferson: McFarland. LGF a. LGF b. Poole, E.

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London: I. Holmes and D. Jermyn, eds, Understanding Reality TV. Pullen, C. Ireland, ed. Russo, Vito, Silverstone, R.

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Television and Everyday Life. The Guardian. Woods, G.

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Davis and G. Days of Grace by Catherine Hall Although the two women in Days of Grace never confess their feelings out loud, their love is clearly written between the lines. Not every love story has a happy ending, and this is tragic love at its absolute finest.

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  • Public Affairs: A Lesbian Erotica Collection.

I discovered it at a rather impressionable time — aged 20, halfway through university, still not sure whether I fancied boys or girls or both or neither. Every time I read this book, I get something new from it. Blackberries by Katherine McMahon in Treasure in the History of Things McMahon is one of my favourite young poets, and this chronicle of a day spent with a lover manages to be equal parts sweet and sensual; to be personal and immediate, but stretch right back through the history of queer relationships, to all the hidden and unacknowledged loves that came before us.

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  6. I had assumed that all erotica was of the poorly-written, clunky-metaphors-for-genitalia type — and I wanted to write and read Proper Literature, not erotica. The use of the second person pulls the reader to the centre of the experience of dressing.

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    Reading it encouraged me to slow down and become more aware of my own body and the things I choose to put on it. Girl Meets Boy by Ali Smith. The beautiful Ianthe later falls in love with Iphis, who is transformed by the gods into a man so that they can marry. The development of erotic and pornographic film culture in Australia is well represented in the Museum. Erotic themes in literature are represented in a variety of ways.

    It's Good to Be The Queen - Erotic Couplings -

    A collection of a dozen small illustrated booklets from the s shows bestiality, oral and anal sex, interracial sex and the sexual lampooning of celebrities in the most explicit ways. Comic strip characters like Dagwood and Blondie as well as screen idols like Wheeler and Woolsley were popular with the mainstream artists who frequently drew these anonymous tomes.

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    More recently the Museum boasts the only erotic cover ever to grace The Phantom comic and an example of modern pornographic street comic art in Australia by Mark Morte. The Museum houses an interesting vibrator collection which includes an early mechanical device and one of the first battery-operated vibrators which was left in a brothel during the second world war by a visiting American sailor.

    The Museum holds the prototype of what is believed to be the first commercial vibrator made in Australia. The owner sold nearly a thousand pieces, mainly on Army bases, until he was threatened by corrupt police officers in the Askin administration for encroaching on their turf!

    One of the greatest series of etchings from the Victorian period is represented through the Hungarian master, Michaely Von Zichy. This court painter to the Russian Tzars sketched his sexual autobiography in the mid to late s and after he died, a collection of over 40 of the copperplate etchings was published in Liepzig in a bound edition of entitled Liebe Love. Through two world wars and the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, no one is sure how many of these original volumes still exist. Some experts say less than