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Also the ones who sent bouquets of flowers, wreaths and potted plants.

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Your kindness was greatly appreciated and will always be remembered. Thank you to the Knox Presbyterian Church ladies for serving the lovely lunch.

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Thank you to the pallbearers, to Vickie Elliott for mowing the cemetery for us and Alvin Nutbrown for his care of the grave. We greatly appreciate your kindness beyond words.

In lieu of sending personal thank you cards a donation has been made to the palliative care unit at the Wainwright Hospital where Norman spent most of his days. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Meridian Source Staff.

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Meridian Source Staff September 25, Obituaries Barbara Mae Maxwell. Durant , L. James , K. Leonard , A.

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All-Time Greats : J. Havlicek , W. Chamberlain , K.

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