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Yoga sheep suggests she tries yoga, jogging sheep suggests she jog, and many more sheep suggest helpful ways to change.

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Matko gets really fit, but she is still …. In Tortoise Finds his Home, Tortoise enlists the help of his animal friends, snail, sparrow, ladybird, and mouse to help him find the missing house. All the animals try to help him find it.


When the storm blows …. This ebook is perfect for teaching children about snakes in a fun way.

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The book details some common facts about snakes, how …. Pumpkins is a perfect book for the Halloween season in early elementary school. A levelled reader suitable for mid Grade 1, this Pumpkins ebook has 96 words and is graded at Grade level 1. This book is Grade 5, there are other books available for science grades ….

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Who is our Friend? Is a story about how the bird helps all the other animals out in nature. This is a nice early nature story for young children. The bird helps all the other animals out. The story shares how friends help each other, and how animals can work together in nature. This free …. She had to hide her ….

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Bo Go Up is one in a series of a single letter, three letter, and, two letter stories from Bo Books. When we teach children to read, we should do the same. Bo Books teaches children to read using short words …. Music Fundamentals Rhythm and Meter is the second book in the introductory music theory textbooks, perfect for beginners. This book includes practice exercises and so makes a nice workbook for school, homeschool, or music teachers. The level of this book makes it suitable for middle grades but can be used as a reference for any ….

Are you a Fish is a STEM level 2 ebook from Pratham about robot fish, a perfect book for early elementary school science to introduce children to the amazing world of marine robots.

This book can be a stepping stone into a research project on the different types of marine robots available. Sample Pages from …. Read more by selecting the links below the post, or see the text below. This collection of open textbooks for university is an amazing resource for students in upper high school, homeschool, or university courses.

Visit the Trivia and Games section. Grades K Starfall Starfall is a creative website designed to teach children to read. The interactive books available here have sound — so please turn your speakers on.


Teacher may request free writing journals for classroom use that reinforce the sequential phonics lessons of each interactive book. Grades Pre-K Nursery Rhymes 4 You A collection of nursery rhymes and songs to share and enjoy, with pictures to print off and color. Building Language for Literacy. Online literacy skill activities. This site appears to be a product advertisement but scroll down to click a character to enter the online practice activities of oral language, phonemic awareness, letter knowledge, or concepts of print Grades K Meet An Author.

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Choose from classical or current authors and learn more about them at this website. Story Starters. Choose from a collection of stimulating story settings to help get your story started.

18 Genius Ways to Make Kids Love Reading

Between the Lions. Stories with adventure games. Know your basic letters and sounds, now what? Well it's off to words and further phonics areas such as Vowel Phonemes and Consonant Clusters. Here you can find great online interactive games and activities for each of these areas along with printable activities for further reinforcement. How many of the High Frequency Words do your students already know?

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  • Set 2 - 3-Letter Word Double Sentences.

There is also a Gallery section with student submitted writings and suggestions for getting your students' work posted. Maybe your students will enjoy this site so much that they will even access it from home. Aesop's Fables. For technical questions and comments regarding this website, please contact the Webmaster.

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