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Here are the 41 essential subreddits everyone should follow. The Coziest of Cuddles For when you need to get a terrifying or disgusting image out of your mind. It's exactly what it looks like Because complete strangers on the internet can have the best ideas like using peanut butter to occupy your dog's attention while you give them a wash. I tried Because there's nothing wrong with a little harmless schadenfreude every now and then.

This subreddit gives some surprisingly good tips to navigate life. Claws are universally understood To remind yourself that there's plenty of good in the world. Because there are some incredible stories out there you should really know.

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Crunchwrap Supreme Copycat Because sometimes you need ideas for dinner — or dessert. Ma Kitten Given it's one of the most popular subreddits, there's a good chance you'll see plenty of new content throughout the day to provide some much-needed levity. Every time one guy sells, another one buys, and they both think they're smart. Q : How to make a million in the stock market? A : Start with two!

Q : When does a person decide to become a stockbroker? A : When he realizes he doesn't have the charisma to succeed as an undertaker. A chemist, an engineer and an economist are stranded on a deserted island.

They carry with them some canned food but have no ordinary means of opening the cans. The chemist suggests gathering some wood and starting a fire and then holding the cans over the heat, counting on the expanding contents to burst open the cans. The engineer thinks it would be better to try smashing the cans open with some of the rocks lying around. The economist begins, "Assume we had a can opener At 18 years old, Rockfeller had no money. He found an apple in the street.

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The fruit was dirty he cleaned it and resold it 50 cents to a man walking in the street A woman proudly told her friend, "I'm responsible for making my husband a millionaire. A professor was giving a big test one day to his students. He handed out all of the tests and went back to his desk to wait.