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That may mean including your watermark or logo on your creative, using a set color palette, and focusing on a few fonts to deliver your message. You also want to think about if you want your ads to match your Instagram aesthetic, so your followers will hardly notice the ad as they scroll past, just like how Moment has done it:. Or your ads could have a complimentary design creative that stands out from the rest of your feed but is still recognizable as your brand.

Looking for more ways to level-up your video editing? Check out this blog post to learn how to edit your footage to match your overall brand aesthetic and style! Expressive type and eye-catching designs are perfect for communicating your message efficiently and with flair. Plus, having engaging text and fonts helps you sell without sound if you choose to use a video ad! A good place to start is with your own branded font.

Not only will this help you with improving your brand awareness but it will also help to maintain your Instagram aesthetic. Their ready-to-edit templates have built-in cool fonts, images, and engaging layouts to get you rolling. You might want people to visit your profile, swipe up to land on your site, or something else entirely.

Your text and font might do some of the heavy-lifting when it comes to your call-to-action, just like Monday :. Stay fly on the 4th of July! Not sure what dimensions to use where?

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For simple, one-click resizing, we love using Spark Post app to quickly resize any video or image size to the right dimensions for your ads! One of the best perks with Spark Post app is that it also saves all your posts and allows them to be duplicated and edited. This means you can duplicate content and resize it for different channels, making it super easy to spread the news about anything from an upcoming sale to a product release.

But if you want to drive results, you need to start strategically thinking about your design and using all the tools, assets, and apps at hand to help you create social media ads that convert! Feel ready to grow your business and following on social media?


Sign up to Later today and start planning, scheduling, and strategizing for all your social platforms in one place! Annie Crawford writes social media trends, lifestyle, spirituality, and travel. Next, see how to manage relationships with everyone from reporters to influencers, amplify awareness with the aid of internal champions, and gracefully navigate crises. Finally, explore PR writing and visual storytelling and see how to measure the impact of your PR efforts. Topics include: Explain the value of developing an audience profile. Describe the SWOT model and how it can be used to identify threats.

Name and summarize the 4Cs of developing effective messaging. Summarize how thinking like a journalist helps an organization build media relationships.

How to Create Engaging & Relevant Content for Social Media in most Effective Way?

Examine the importance of developing community before a crisis strikes. Differentiate between an issue and a crisis. Cite ways to stop the spread of fake news. Skill Level Beginner. Show More Show Less. Related Courses. Preview course. Writing a Press Release with Andrea Holland. Marketing Communications with Deirdre Breakenridge. Search This Course Clear Search.

Building your first PR program 1m 10s. Starting with your credibility 3m 28s. Using an eight-step PR approach 3m 27s. Today's Consumers. Developing audience profiles 2m 42s. Using trusted research with new media 3m 32s. Investigating PR and social media audits 3m 30s. Applying SWOT to move forward 3m 25s.

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Developing your PR plan 3m 4s. Setting attainable goals and objectives 3m 8s. Developing your messaging 3m 33s. Understanding content optimization 3m 36s. Using a media mix to get attention 2m 47s. Relationships and Champions. The amount of data being shared online every minute can feel rather daunting. Consider these numbers reported a year ago by Domo :. Keywords , plain and simple. As Jerilyn Soncrant suggests:. If it feels obvious that you snuck in a keyword phrase, remove it or try again.

Place your keywords :. At times, LinkedIn may appear to be one of the more misunderstood platforms out there. Astute companies have discovered LinkedIn is a key player for engagement. Mike Delgado offers these suggestions:.

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Social Media Examiner provides regular updates on LinkedIn and maintains their product offerings utilizing the vast resources of LinkedIn for companies. Christina Zila shares these insights:.

Want to keep ahead of your competitors? Need to master a social platform? Discover how to improve your social media marketing at Social Media Marketing World , brought to you by your friends at Social Media Examiner.

Get in early for big discounts. Sale ends Tuesday, October 1st In survey after survey, smartphone users want to know if a close physical location is open. Content for these types of searches should include basic contact information—address, phone number and operating hours —as well as a short description of the location highlighting why a visitor should choose that location. And for other types of businesses, Ian Cleary offers suggestions for how to create a blog that is mobile-friendly and a website that is responsively designed.

Some businesses are looking in all the wrong places. These are your leads, and you need to encourage them to become more. This is where many people fall apart on their social media strategies. When someone comments, you must reply. Podcasting is experiencing huge growth. Mitch Joel explains ways it can be a powerful tool for engagement.

Asking recognized authorities and industry thought leaders for a twenty-minute interview not only provides value to an audience, but it can also be used in other ways. A show of this nature is a great internal communications tool to help your peers learn more about the industry you serve. You may hear mixed emotions about Quora. I know—ROI is often the elephant in the room. It just needs to be kept in perspective. You have to stop thinking in terms of one silo and look at social media as one part of the story.

Storytelling has become one of the buzzwords we hear discussed in social media circles.

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Some interpret it to mean that the writer has to be able to tell a good story. A CEO can easily use Twitter on the go as a marketing and public relations asset. It only takes a few minutes in between meetings to share great content along with an insightful comment, so get your CEO and other executive leaders on board with Twitter engagement.